Pet rehab in Lewiston, Maine

Canine Underwater Rehabilitation Treatment

Lisbon Road Animal Hospital Rehabilitation Center.

As we strive to provide the absolute best possible care for our patients, we are very pleased to add this new non-invasive, non-medicinal option for healing and preventative care.   Through a variety of treatment tools, we are able to individually tailor a program to improve and restore quality of life to geriatric, injured, overweight, post-operative, neurologic or otherwise compromised pets. 

Pet Rehabilitation in Lewiston, ME

We can also help prevent injury and improve performance in working canine athletes, show dogs or hunting dogs with a personalized conditioning plan.  Our goal is to help our patients maintain better mobility and quality of life for a longer time in a stress free and often fun way.   After a couple of rehab sessions most dogs come in wagging their tails!

Our treatment tools include such modern technologies as an Underwater Treadmill, which combines the healing and weight bearing properties of warm water with the movement of the treadmill to create a supportive, controlled exercise environment.  We also offer Therapeutic Laser Therapy, using light energy to hasten healing, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.  The needs of each pet are carefully thought through and a comprehensive plan is constructed including these tools as well as physio-balls, Bosu, Cavaletti and Balance Discs. Add to that our trained, knowledgeable, compassionate staff and we have the right formula to make a difference for our canine and feline friends.

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Who will benefit from these services?

  •  Patients before and after orthopedic surgery
  •  Patients recovering from injury
  •  Patients who need to lose weight
  •  Sporting and Working dogs
  •  Patients with arthritis