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For Kitty’s Sake

At Lisbon Road Animal Hospital we recognize how stressful it can be for everyone involved in bringing a cat in for a visit.  We also know how very important these visits are, whether they are for routine preventative care or illness.  As a result we are committed to try and make this important part of your cat’s care as painless as possible (for both of you)!  We have implemented some stress busters for you to employ to help your cat get through his/her visit.  To this end we have implemented to following stress busters:

  1. We recommend you get your cat’s carrier out a couple of weeks before your appointment. Making sure the carrier is clean, and leaving the door open with some tasty treats inside are good ways to get your cat more comfortable with his/her carrier and reduce their stress on visit day. You can also spray the carrier with Feliway* about 15 minutes before leaving and even cover the carrier with a Feliway sprayed towel from home. Also, you may want to schedule visits for your cat separately from your dogs to fully take advantage of our cat friendly rooms.
  2. We invite you to allow your cats to wait comfortably in the car (weather permitting) while you come in and complete the check-in process.
  3. We recommend you enter with your cat thru the exit door, where you will be escorted to one of our “cat friendly” rooms. We will also provide a towel sprayed with Feliway to place over your cat’s carrier which will stay with him throughout his visit. This will help prevent cats becoming stressed while sharing a waiting area with sometimes rambunctious dogs!
  4. We have two dedicated cat friendly rooms. They feature windows for cats that prefer a room with a view, and pull down shades for those who do not. These rooms also have Feliway diffusers to continue providing a calming atmosphere for the cats. Perhaps most important of all, these rooms are used for cats only….so no scary dog smells!
  5. After the exam, you will be checked out while you and your cat stay comfortably in your exam room. You can then exit the building directly, again avoiding any potentially stressful waiting area interactions.

Feliway products are available for purchase through Lisbon Road Animal Hospital for home use. We are excited and hopeful that these changes will make visits with your cat more pleasant for everyone, and allow us to provide them with the best care possible. Lisbon Road Animal Hospital will make every attempt to follow these guidelines at every cat visit, however, circumstances may sometimes prevent us from doing so.

* Feliway is a pheromone which helps to calm cats.